Revenue Sources xlsx format of FY15_revenue_sources.xlsx
– Of the GIC’s $2.057 billion appropriation, 52.2% is reimbursed to the Commonwealth’s General Fund.

Statement of Expenditures, Revenue and Revenue & Expenditures  xlsx format of FY16financialstatements_rev_expenses.xlsx
– reports of expenditures for the Commonwealth and enrollees, the sources of revenue and the summary of revenue and expenditures.

Rate Stabilization and Trust Fund Reserve Statement  xlsx format of FY16financialstatement_reserve_trustfund.xlsx
– reports of the Rate Stabilization Reserve and the Employees’ Trust Fund

Enrollment by Plan and Type of Plan  xlsx format of FY16_enrollment_by_plan.xlsx
  – health plan membership by insured status and plan.

Active and Retiree Enrollment by Plan Type  xlsx format of FY16enrollment_by_plan_type_active_retiree.xlsx
– Enrollment for active employees and retirees/survivors by plan type.

Cost Per Capita by Plan Type  xls format of FY12_FY16Avgcostpercapitabyplantype.xls
– the change is cost per capita by plan type and the change in average cost per enrollee compare with the national average and CPI (inflation) over a five year period.

Change in Total Costs  xls format of FY15_total_health_care_cost_trends.xls
– the change in premiums and out-of-pocket costs over a five-year period.

Change in GIC Avg Cost Per Enrollee  xls format of FY12_FY16change_in_healthcarecosts_gic_andenrollees.xls
- this report compares GIC per Enrollee costs with National averages and inflation over a five year period.

This information provided by the Group Insurance Commission .