• Annual Enrollment Video

    Watch the Annual Enrollment video to find out the steps to take during Annual Enrollment and ways to save money on your health care.
  • Benefit Decision Guides

    These comprehensive guides provide an overview of the choices available to you. Active Employees - see the GIC Coordinator in your benefits office for a printed version of the guide. Retirees and survivors receive the guide at their home. Transportation and Municipal enrollees joining the GIC will receive their guide through their benefits office.
  • Public Hearing

    GIC eligible employees and retirees are invited to provide feedback at the annual public hearing, which takes place in February.
  • Open Enrollment for New Municipalities

    Open Enrollment gives new municipal members an opportunity to review their GIC Health Plan options and enroll in a plan.
  • New Employees

    If you are a new GIC-eligible employee, you can enroll in GIC benefits within 10 calendar days of your first date of employment.
  • Annual Enrollment Options for State Employees

    During annual enrollment, eligible state employees, participating authority, charter school, and planning council employees may choose from the following options.
  • Annual Enrollment Options for State Retirees and Survivors

    Retirees and Survivors of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, participating authority, charter school, planning council, and GIC Retired Municipal Teachers (RMTs) not participating in the municipal program may choose from the options outlined.
  • Annual Enrollment Options for Municipal Members

    During annual enrollment, existing GIC-eligible municipal members may enroll in a health plan for the first time or change their health plan options.
  • Buy-Out for State Employees and Retirees

    If you have access to non-GIC Health Insurance (for example, through your spouse) it may pay to participate in the Buy-out Program.
  • GIC Retired Municipal Teachers (RMTs)

    Options during Annual Enrollment, effective dates, eligibility, forms and answers to Frequently Asked Questions.

  • Open Enrollment MBTA Employees

    Open enrollment for MBTA employees joining the GIC.
  • Open Enrollment MBTA Retirees

    If you are a retiree or survivor of a transportation agency joining the GIC, find out what your open enrollment options are.
  • Inscripcion Anual

  • GIC Forms

    A list of the documents you must provide, along with your enrollment application, to join the GIC, to add a spouse or dependent, or when you are retired and you or your covered spouse become Medicare eligible. 
  • Glossary of Terms

  • Open Enrollment for HCSA and DCAP for State Employees

    If you are a state employee looking to save money on your federal and state taxes, take advantage of the GIC's pre-tax benefits. Open enrollment for Flexible Spending Account (FSA) benefits takes place in the fall. Current participants MUST re-enroll to receive benefits in the next calendar year.
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