April 5 - May 3, 2017

Annual enrollment time will take place in April 5 - May 3, 2017, giving you the opportunity to review your benefit options and enroll in a health plan or make changes if you desire. If you are a current municipal enrollee and want to keep your current Group Insurance Commission (GIC) health plan, you do not need to fill out any paperwork. Your coverage will continue automatically. Please take this opportunity to think about what you and your family need in the way of health care. Once you choose a health plan, you cannot change plans until the next annual enrollment, even if your doctor or hospital leaves the health plan, unless you move out of your health plan's service area.

During Annual Enrollment, Retirees and Survivors of Municipalities that offer the GIC Retiree Dental Plan can enroll in the GIC Retiree Dental Plan.

Be sure to read your GIC Benefit Decision Guide to become familiar with benefit and rate changes that become effective July 1. Employees, Retirees and Survivors of municipalities joining the GIC will receive the guide through their benefits office. Current employees, ask your GIC Coordinator for your guide; current participating retirees and survivors will receive their guide at their home. The guides are also available on our website at the link above.

Your Benefit Decision Guide is an overview of all GIC benefits; it is not a comprehensive plan handbook. There may be other services that you or your family may need. Contact each plan to find out details about those benefits.

Mark the Date!  Enrollment forms and required documentation are due no later than May 3, 2017.

  • Employees, Retirees and Survivors of municipalities joining the GIC: return completed forms along with required documentation, to your benefits office.
  • Active Municipal Employees: return completed forms to your GIC Coordinator.
  • Existing Municipal Retirees/Survivors: return completed municipal enrollment/change forms to the GIC.
  • Retirees and survivors joining the GIC Retiree Dental Plan: Return completed form to your benefits office.

This information provided by the Group Insurance Commission .