Monthly GIC Plan Rates as of July 1, 2017

For information on how to calculate premiums for retiree and spouse coverage if under and over age 65, see the Medicare and Your GIC Benefits section.

Download the FY18 RMT Rate Sheet pdf format of 2017_RMT_ratesheet.pdf

How to Calculate Your Monthly Premium as of July 1, 2017

  1. Find the city, town or the school district from which you retired on the Life Insurance Rate Chart.

  2. Locate your “RMT Pays Monthly” rate for life insurance.

  3. Add that amount to the “RMT Pays Monthly” rate below for the health plan you are interested in to determine your monthly health and life insurance premium.




Retired Municipal Teachers (RMTs)



RMTs who retired On or Before July 1, 1990 and Survivors1

RMTs who retired After July 1, 1990







Per Person Coverage

RMT/Survivors Pays Monthly

Per Person Coverage

RMT Pays Monthly

Fallon Senior Plan 2HMO$33.50$50.25
Harvard Pilgrim Medicare EnhanceIndemnity42.1663.24
Health New England MedPlusHMO39.3559.02
Tufts Health Plan Medicare ComplementHMO38.0957.14
Tufts Health Plan Medicare Preferred2HMO30.0045.00
UniCare State Indemnity Plan/ Medicare Extension (OME) with CIC (comprehensive) 3, 4Indemnity43.2660.74
UniCare State Indemnity Plan/ Medicare Extension (OME) without CIC (non-comprehensive) 4Indemnity32.9550.43


1 Survivors are not eligible for basic life insurance. Do not add the basic life insurance premium to calculate your monthly premium.

2 Benefits and rates of Fallon Senior Plan and Tufts Health Plan Medicare Preferred are subject to federal approval and changed on January 1, 2018.

3 CIC is an enrollee-pay-all benefit.

4 The RMT share of the rate for these plans has been subsidized for FY18 using funds from the GIC UniCare Rate Stabilization Reserve.

This information provided by the Group Insurance Commission .