Fiscal Year 2016 Full Cost Rates Effective July 1, 2015 docx format of Fiscal Year 2016 Full Cost Rates Effective July 1, 2015
– Download the full cost municipal rate sheet for the GIC’s health plans


Contact your municipality for a printed version of the rates.

Participating Municipality Rates:


City of Gloucester  docx format of fy2016cityofgloucester.doc

City of Lawrence  doc format of fy2016cityoflawrence.doc
Mid-year Medicare Plan Rates Not Received from the Municipality

City of Lowell docx format of fy2016cityoflowell.doc

City of Medford doc format of fy2016cityofmedford.doc
Mid-year Medicare Plan Rates Not Received from the Municipality

City of Melrose  docx format of fy2016cityofmelrose.doc

City of Northampton  docx format of fy2016cityofnorthampton.doc

City of Peabody docx format of fy2016cityofpeabody.doc

City of Quincy docx format of fy2016cityofquincy.doc

City of Salem docx format of fy2016cityofsalem.doc

City of Somerville docx format of fy2016cityofsomerville.doc

City of Springfield docx format of fy2016cityofspringfield.doc


Town of Arlington docx format of fy2016townofarlington.doc

Town of Ashland docx format of fy2016townofashland.doc

Town of Bedford docx format of fy2016townofbedford.doc

Town of Brookline doc format of fy2016townofbrookline.doc

Town of Dracut doc format of fy2016townofdracut.doc

Town of Easton docx format of fy2016townofeaston.doc

Town of East Bridgewater  docx format of fy2016townofeastbridgewater.doc

Town of Framingham  doc format of fy2016townofframingham.doc
Mid-year Medicare Plan Rates Not Received from the Municipality

Town of Grafton docx format of fy2016townofgrafton.doc

Town of Groveland docx format of fy2016townofgroveland.doc

Town of Holbrook docx format of fy2016townofholbrook.doc

Town of Holden docx format of fy2016townofholden.doc

Town of Hopedale docx format of fy2016townofhopedale.doc

Town of Lexington docx format of fy2016townoflexington.doc

Town of Lynnfield docx format of fy2016townoflynnfield.doc

Town of Marblehead docx format of fy2016townofmarblehead.doc

Town of Middleborough  docx format of fy2016townofmiddleborough.doc

Town of Millis docx format of fy2016townofmillis.doc

Town of Monson docx format of fy2016townofmonson.doc

Town of North Andover  docx format of fy2016townofnorthandover.doc

Town of Norwood docx format of fy2016townofnorwood.docx

Town of Orange docx format of fy2016townoforange.doc

Town of Randolph docx format of fy2016townofrandolph.doc

Town of Stoneham docx format of fy2016townofstoneham.docx

Town of Swampscott docx format of fy2016townofswampscott.doc

Town of Sudbury docx format of fy2016townofsudbury.doc

Town of Wakefield docx format of fy2016townofwakefield.doc

Town of Watertown docx format of fy2016townofwatertown.doc

Town of Wenham docx format of fy2016townofwenham.doc

Town of Weston docx format of fy2016townofweston.doc

Town of Westwood  docx format of Town of Westwood

Town of Weymouth docx format of fy2016townofweymouth.doc

Town of Winthrop docx format of FY2016townofwinthrop.doc
Mid-year Medicare Plan Rates Not Received from the Municipality

School Districts

Athol Roylston School District docx format of fy2016atholroyalston.doc

Blue Hills Vocational School District  doc format of fy2016bluehills.doc
Mid-year Medicare Plan Rates Not Received from the School District

Gill-Montague Regional School District  doc format of Gill-Montague Regional School District

Groton-Dunstable School District doc format of fy2016grotondunstable.doc

Hawlemont Regional School District doc format of fy2016hawlemont.doc

Mohawk Trail Regional School District docx format of fy2016mohawk.doc

Northeast Metropolitan Regional Vocational District  docx format of fy2016northeastregional.doc


Regional Districts and Collaboratives

LABBB Collaborative  docx format of fy2016LABBB.doc

Nashoba Regional Dispatch District docx format of fy2016nashobavalleyregdispatchdistrict.doc

South Essex Sewerage District docx format of fy2016southessexseweragedistrict.doc

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