Fiscal Year 2018 Full Cost Rates Effective July 1, 2017 docx format of Monthly_GIC_Full_Cost_RatesFY18.docx
– Download the full cost municipal rate sheet for the GIC’s health plans 

FY18 Full Cost Municipal Rates  - The full cost rates for each of the GIC's health plans.

Contact your municipality for a printed version of the rates.

Participating Municipality Rates Effective July 1, 2017:


City of Gloucester docx format of fy2018cityofgloucester.docx
– Download the City of Gloucester rate sheet  

City of Haverhill docx format of fy2018cityofhaverhill.docx
 – Download the City of Haverhill rate sheet

City of Lawrence docx format of fy2018cityoflawrence.docx
 – Download the City of Lawrence rate sheet 

City of Lowell docx format of fy2018cityoflowell.docx
 – Download the City of Lowell rate sheet

City of Medford docx format of fy2018cityofmedford.docx
 – Download the City of Medford rate sheet

City of Melrose  docx format of FY2018cityofmelrose.docx
 – Download the City of Melrose rate sheet

City of Northampton docx format of fy2018cityofnorthampton.docx
 – Download the City of Northampton rate sheet 

City of Quincy docx format of fy2018cityofquincy.docx
 – Download the City of Quincy rate sheet

City of Salem docx format of fy2018cityofsalem.docx
 – Download the City of Salem rate sheet

City of Somerville docx format of fy2018cityofsomerville.docx
 – Download the City of Somerville rate sheet

City of Springfield docx format of fy2018cityofspringfield.docx
 – Download the City of Springfield rate sheet 


Town of Arlington docx format of FY2018townofarlington.docx
 – Download the Town of Arlington rate sheet 

Town of Ashland docx format of fy2018townofashland.docx
 – Download the Town of Ashland rate sheet

Town of Bedford docx format of fy2018townofbedford.docx
 – Download the Town of Bedford rate sheet  

Town of Brookline docx format of fy2018townofbrookline.docx
 – Download the Town of Brookline rate sheet 

Town of Dracut docx format of fy2018townofdracut.docx
 – Download the Town of Dracut rate sheet

Town of Easton docx format of fy2018townofeaston.docx
 – Download the Town of Easton rate sheet

Town of East Bridgewater docx format of fy2018townofeastbridgewater.docx
 – Download the Town of East Bridgewater rate sheet 

Town of Framingham docx format of fy2018townofframingham.docx
 – Download the Town of Framingham rate sheet

Town of Grafton docx format of fy2018townofgrafton.docx
 – Download the Town of Grafton rate sheet

Town of Groveland docx format of fy2018townofgroveland.docx
 – Download the Town of Groveland rate sheet

Town of Hingham docx format of fy2018townofhingham.docx
 – Download the Town of Hingham rate sheet

Town of Hollbrook docx format of fy2018townofholbrook.docx
 – Download the Town of Hollbrook rate sheet  

Town of Holden docx format of FY2018townofholden.docx
 – Download the Town of Holden rate sheet

Town of Hopedale docx format of fy2018townofhopedale.docx
 – Download the Town of Hopedale rate sheet    

Town of Lexington docx format of FY2018townoflexington.docx
 – Download the Town of Lexington rate sheet 

Town of Lynnfield docx format of fy2018townoflynnfield.docx
 – Download the Town of Lynnfield rate sheet

Town of Marblehead docx format of fy2018townofmarblehead.docx
 – Download the Town of Marblehead rate sheet 

Town of Middleborough  docx format of fy2018townofmiddleborough.docx
 – Download the Town of Middleborough rate sheet

Town of Millis docx format of fy2018townofmillis.docx
 – Download the Town of Millis rate sheet

Town of Monson docx format of fy2018townofmonson.docx
 – Download the Town of Monson rate sheet

Town of North Andover docx format of fy2018townofnorthandover.docx
 – Download the Town of North Andover rate sheet  

Town of Norwood docx format of fy2018townofnorwood.docx
 – Download the Town of Norwood rate sheet

Town of Randolph docx format of fy2018townofrandolph.docx
 – Download the Town of Randolph rate sheet

Town of Stoneham docx format of fy2018townofstoneham.docx
 – Download the Town of Stoneham rate sheet

Town of Swampscott docx format of fy2018townofswampscott.docx
 – Download the Town of Swampscott rate sheet

Town of Sudbury docx format of fy2018townofsudbury.docx
 – Download the Town of Sudbury rate sheet

Town of Wakefield docx format of fy2018townofwakefield.docx
 – Download the Town of Wakefield rate sheet

Town of Watertown docx format of fy2018townofwatertown.docx
 – Download the Town of Watertown rate sheet

Town of Wenham docx format of FY2018townofwenham.docx
 – Download the Town of Wenham rate sheet 

Town of Weston docx format of fy2018townofweston.docx
 – Download the Town of Weston rate sheet

Town of Westwood docx format of fy2018townofwestwood.docx
 – Download the Town of Westwood rate sheet 

Town of Weymouth doc format of fy2018townofweston.docx
 – Download the Town of Weymouth rate sheet

Town of Winchendon  doc format of fy2018townofwinchendon.doc
 – Download the Town of Winchendon rate sheet

Town of Winthrop docx format of fy2018townofwinthrop.docx
 – Download the Town of Winthrop rate sheet  

School Districts

Athol Roylston School District doc format of fy2018atholroyalston.doc
 – Download the Athol Roylston School District rate sheet

Blue Hills Vocational School District docx format of fy2018bluehillsregional.docx
- Download the Blue Hills Vocational School District rate sheet

Gill-Montague Regional School District docx format of fy2018gillmontague.docx
- Download the Gill-Montague Regional School District rate sheet

Groton-Dunstable School District docx format of fy2017grotondunstable.docx
 - Download the Groton-Dunstable School District rate sheet

Hawlemont Regional School District docx format of fy2018hawlemontregional.docx
 - Download the Hawlemont Regional School District rate sheet

Mohawk Trail Regional School District docx format of fy2018mohawk.docx
 - Download the Mohawk Trail Regional School District rate sheet

Northeast Metropolitan Regional Vocational District  docx format of fy2018northeastmetropolitan.docx
 - Download the Northeast Metropolitan Regional Vocational School District rate sheet

Pentucket Regional School District doc format of FY2018prsd.doc
 - Download the Pentucket Regional School District rate sheet


Regional Districts and Collaboratives

LABBB Collaborative  docx format of fy2018labbb.docx
- Download the LABBB Collaborative rate sheet

Nashoba Regional Dispatch District docx format of fy2018nashobavalley.docx
- Download the Nashoba Regional Dispatch District rate sheet

South Essex Sewerage District docx format of fy2018sesd.docx
 - Download the South Essex Sewerage District rate sheet

This information provided by the Group Insurance Commission.