We have been informed that some Municipalities have received correspondence from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid requesting that they report through the Federal Data Match program insurance information on their Medicare eligible employees and retirees. Please be advised that the GIC has participated in the voluntary data share program with CMS since the 90s.  We regularly report both non-Medicare and Medicare supplemental coverage to CMS for all retirees and Medicare eligible active employees in the GIC regardless of the employer. We had not historically captured the offline agencies and municipalities EINs so, for the most part, the member’s employer is not specified in the data. This data is exchanged quarterly with CMS for all active employees over 55 and monthly for all retirees. It is reported under the GIC’s EIN, 046002284.

Accordingly, all of your retirees and Medicare eligible employees that have been and are in the GIC are included in our data exchanges with CMS on an ongoing basis.

This information provided by the Group Insurance Commission .