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  • Printable Regulations and Notice of Public Hearing

    Download and print GIC Regulations.
  • GIC Administrative Bulletins

    :A comprehensive overview of qualifying status changes, the allowable changes for that status change, the supporting documentation required, the timeline for submitting the form and documentation for the change, and the effective date of the change.

  • Public Records Request

    Instructions for requesting GIC public records.
  • 805 CMR 1.00: General Provisions

    The provisions apply generally to the GIC regulations.  They describe the GIC’s general authority to promulgate regulations, outline the uses of administrative bulletins, and define what certain terms mean in the context of GIC regulations.

  • 805 CMR 5.00: Miscellaneous

    These miscellaneous provisions address GIC’s exclusive authority to negotiate benefit contracts authorized by G. L. c. 32A, restrict advertisement and other similar communications on GIC benefits without Commission approval, provide for reimbursements related to non-state funded employees, and establish certain rules relevant to Nurse Practitioners.

  • 805 CMR 7.00: Retired Municipal Teachers

    These provisions regulate GIC coverage of certain Retired Municipal Teachers (“RMTs”) and their surviving spouses.  Please note that not all retired teachers receiving benefits through the GIC are RMTs.

  • 805 CMR 8.00: Municipal Health Coverage

    These provisions regulate GIC coverage of employees, dependents, retirees, and survivors of cities, towns, regional school districts, and local area planning councils that have opted to provide health benefits through the GIC.

  • 805 CMR 9.00: Eligibility and Participation

    These provision explain who is eligible for GIC coverage and describe procedures related to eligibility and enrollment.

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