External persons and entities must obtain prior written approval of the Commission's Executive Director to discuss Commission matters with individual employees or groups of employees. If approval is given, group meetings or discussions shall only be conducted at the employees' workplace during duty hours and are subject to the department or agency head's prior approval.

(1) All informational gatherings held for potential Municipal Insureds and Municipal Employers must include representatives of all of the Commission's health plans that serve the area to attend the gatherings to the extent that such meetings are attended by any health plan representatives.

(2) Health Plans, insurance carriers, agents, brokers or representatives are prohibited from advertising to or soliciting any benefit plans or programs to groups for whom the Commission is the exclusive sponsor. Entities with Commission benefits must offer to their employees, retirees, and survivors all such benefits for which their Insureds are eligible, and may not offer competing benefits, except where expressly authorized in statute. After written notice to the Commission, Municipal Employers and Municipal Insureds who are considering withdrawal from Commission Health Coverage may advertise for or solicit such plans or programs in order to procure other health coverage after withdrawal. Any person or entity that the Commission determines has violated the provisions of 805 CMR 5.02 shall be ineligible to bid on Commission business for a period of up to five years.

This information provided by the Group Insurance Commission .