(1) The Commission shall contact retiring teachers about their applications for Retired Municipal Teacher coverage, and shall determine their effective dates of coverage. The Local Governmental Unit shall continue to be responsible for providing the retiring teachers' premium contributions to their Local Government Unit coverage until such time as their Retired Municipal Teacher coverage becomes effective.

(2) The Local Government Unit must process Retired Municipal Teacher coverage as follows:

(a) The Local Governmental Unit shall continue to collect premium payment from the retired teachers or their surviving spouses, as applicable, until the Commission sends notice that premium payment has been transferred to pension deduction.

(b) The Local Governmental Unit shall furnish Commission applications to all retiring teachers who, at the time of retirement, are enrolled in life insurance coverage or life and health insurance coverage, along with the notice described in 805 CMR 7.01(2), three months prior to their expected retirement date.

(c) The Local Governmental Unit shall continue to collect retiring teachers' premium for two Calendar Months following the month in which the teacher retires. The first day of the third Calendar Month following the month in which a teacher retires, or a date otherwise determined by the Commission, is the retired teacher's coverage effective date, provided that the retiree pays the required monthly premium for coverage. The Commission shall notify the Local Governmental Unit of all retirees' effective dates of Commission coverage.

This information provided by the Group Insurance Commission .