(1)  Municipal Insureds, Survivors, and Elderly Governmental Retirees are eligible to enroll in Health Coverage without electing any other benefit. All other Employees and Retirees, including Retired Municipal Teachers must be enrolled in Basic Life Insurance in order to be eligible for Health Coverage.


(2) Persons who cancel their Medicare coverage will next be eligible for the Commission's Health Coverage on July 1st  after they reapply for Medicare and are reinstated to Medicare coverage. Commonwealth Retirees shall be solely responsible for any Medicare penalties incurred by the cancellation.


(3) During any of the Commission's Annual Enrollment periods, uninsured Employees, Retirees and Survivors may elect Commission health coverage, which shall become effective the next occurring July 1st.


(4) Employees, Retirees, Survivors, and Dependents may enroll in Commission health coverage if they provide acceptable proof of loss of other coverage and are otherwise eligible for the coverage.  The Commission shall determine the effective date of coverage.


(5) Employees, Retirees, and Survivors who terminate coverage due to non-payment of premiums may re-apply during any of the Commission's Annual Enrollment periods provided they are otherwise eligible for coverage.


(6) The Commission shall determine the effective date for all matters pertaining to Health Coverage, including but not limited to eligibility, effective dates of coverage, termination, and status changes. The Commission determines whether persons are eligible for Commission coverage according to M.G.L. c. 32A and c. 32B, and its eligibility decisions are final and binding.


This information provided by the Group Insurance Commission.