If premiums have been paid and accepted on behalf of a person enrolled in Commission coverage and the Commission later determines that the person was not eligible, Commission coverage shall cease as of the end of the period for which the Commission last received premium payment. The ineligible person shall not be entitled to continuation coverage except as required by federal law.


If an employee initially is eligible and insured under the Commission's programs but thereafter becomes ineligible due to a change in employment or status in the service of the Commonwealth or of one of its participating municipalities, his or her Commission coverage shall terminate at the end of the month following the month in which the change that caused the Employee's ineligibility occurs or a later date as determined by the Commission. Such employees shall be entitled to Continuation Coverage, unless the ineligibility is due to termination for gross misconduct.


If an employee or covered person becomes ineligible by operation of law, coverage shall terminate on the date they become ineligible. The ineligible person shall be entitled to continuation coverage only as required by state or federal law.


This information provided by the Group Insurance Commission .