(1) Insured Employees in good premium standing who terminate their employment and whose Dependents become ineligible for Commission Health Coverage may convert their Health Coverage to non-group conversion or continuation Health Coverage, including Federal “COBRA” coverage, and Massachusetts Health Connector Authority coverage, provided that they apply for health coverage 31 days following the later of:

(a) termination of Family Health Coverage; or

(b) the date that the former health plan or the Commission notifies the former Employee of his or her right to obtain non-group coverage, provided that the Employee is in good premium payment standing on the date of his or her group Health Coverage termination.

(2) Surviving Spouses or Surviving Dependents who are no longer eligible for Health Coverage and who decline Health Coverage as survivors may enroll in a non-group plan of health coverage, provided that they make timely application to the health plan. The effective date of non-group health coverage shall be determined by the health plan.

(3) Insured Employees, Retirees, or Surviving Spouses or Dependents who remain eligible for Commission coverage but who voluntarily withdraw from or decline to enroll in Commission coverage, or are terminated for nonpayment of premium, are not eligible for non-group conversion coverage.

This information provided by the Group Insurance Commission .