(1) Retirees entitled to a pension or retirement allowance may continue Basic Life and Health Insurance coverage, and Additional Life Insurance by applying to continue the coverage and continue paying the required premium. State Retirees, Retired Municipal Teachers, and eligible Municipal Retirees may also enroll in the Commission's retiree dental coverage by submitting an enrollment application in a timeframe as determined by the Commission.

(2) State Retirees who never have been insured through the Commission and initially apply for Commission coverage as State Retirees are eligible to apply for the Commission's Retiree Basic Life, Health Coverage and Retiree Dental coverage.

(3) Retirees who are re-hired as employees under the applicable provisions of M.G.L. c. 32 and are receiving adjusted salary or wages are not eligible to be insured as active employees. Retirees who waive and renounce their rights to all pension or retirement allowance payable to them for a period of time in accordance with M.G.L. c. 32, and are rehired as GIC benefit-eligible employees, may be insured as Employees subject to payment of the Employee's share of the premium.

(4) Eligible Retirees who voluntarily withdraw from Basic Life or Basic Life and Health Coverage may apply to re-enroll in Commission coverage either during the next Annual Enrollment or if they provide acceptable proof of loss of other coverage.

(5) Deferred retirees are considered to be employees on leaves of absence without pay for as long as they retain the right to receive a retirement allowance from a participating retirement system and do not withdraw their pension monies from the retirement system. Persons receiving a retirement allowance cease to be Deferred Retirees.

(6) Once a Retiree enrolls in a health plan, the next opportunity to change plans is the GIC’s next Annual Enrollment period, except as otherwise required by law.

This information provided by the Group Insurance Commission .