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  • CHIP Notice Distribution

    At Annual Enrollment, all GIC-eligible employees must be given a Children’s Health Insurance Program Notice.

  • Basic Life Only Enrollment for HR-CMS and UMASS

    Employees who want to enroll in Basic Life after the initial eligibility period has passed must wait for the next Annual Enrollment.
  • Life and Health Insurance Enrollment for HR-CMS and UMASS

    If an employee is not currently enrolled in GIC coverage, complete the following by the end of Annual Enrollment
  • Health Insurance Changes for HR-CMS and UMASS

    During Annual Enrollment employees may change health plans or enroll in a GIC health plan if they are not currently enrolled. The change will go into effect that July 1.
  • Buyout for HR-CMS and UMASS

    The Health Insurance Buy-Out option is available two times during the year: the spring Annual Enrollment and during a special fall enrollment period for coverage effective July 1 and January 1, respectively.  Employees insured with the GIC for health coverage on January 1 (or July 1 for the fall enrollment) of the current year, and who are still insured for health coverage with the GIC, and have comparable non-state coverage elsewhere may elect to participate in the Buy-Out program.
  • Pre-Tax Basic Life and Health Insurance Premiums for HR-CMS and UMASS

    During Annual Enrollment, or anytime during the year due to qualifying status change, employees may elect to opt in or out of pre-tax premium deductions.
  • Optional Life Smoker Status for HR-CMS and UMASS

    Insureds with Optional Life Insurance who have been tobacco-free for at least the past 12 months (have not smoked cigarettes, cigars, or a pipe, nor used snuff, chewing tobacco, or a nicotine delivery system) are eligible to apply for reduced Optional Life insurance rates during Annual Enrollment. The reduced Optional Life Insurance rate will be effective that July 1.
  • Dental & Vision Enrollment and Changes for HR-CMS and UMASS

    During Annual Enrollment employees may enroll in the GIC Dental/Vision plan, change from indemnity plan to the PPO plan or vice versa, change from individual to family, family to individual, or remove dependent(s) from family plan.  The change(s) will go into effect that July 1.  See DENTAL/VISION ELIGIBILITY section for eligibility details.
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