During Annual Enrollment employees may change health plans, change from individual to family, family to individual, or remove dependent(s) from family plan.  The change will go into effect that July 1. 

For employees already in a GIC plan who wish to make any of these changes during Annual Enrollment:

    1. Employee completes and signs Enrollment/Change Form (Form-1).
    2. Verify that the form is completed accurately and completely. Ensure that you and the employee have signed and dated all forms.
    3. Enter the new health plan or coverage change into the MAGIC system.
    4. Photocopy completed GIC forms and file them in the employee’s personnel file.
    5. Send original signed forms to the GIC by Annual Enrollment deadline.

NOTE:  The GIC may not be able to remove a dependent if there is a court order on file at the GIC requiring the employee to cover the dependent. 

This information provided by the Group Insurance Commission .