During Annual Enrollment employees may enroll in the GIC Dental/Vision plan, change from the indemnity plan to the PPO plan or vice versa, change from individual to family, family to individual, or remove dependent(s) from family plan.  The change(s) will go into effect that July 1. 

See DENTAL/VISION ELIGIBILITY section for eligibility details. 

To enroll in a Dental Plan or make any of these change(s):

  1. Employees must complete GIC Dental/Vision Enrollment/Change Form (Form-1DV).
  2. For family coverage, employees must also submit a copy of a marriage certificate to cover a spouse and birth certificates to cover dependent children if these are not already on file for GIC health coverage. Birth certificates must show the parent-child relationship to the insured or his/her spouse.
  3. Review for completeness and be sure to indicate the date of hire and the agency/division number on the Dental/Vision Enrollment/Change Form (Form-1DV).
  4. Enter the change or addition in the MAGIC system.
  5. Photocopy the GIC Dental/Vision Enrollment/Change Form (Form-1DV).
  6. Send the original GIC Dental/Vision Enrollment/Change Form (Form-1DV) and a copy of the marriage certificate/birth certificate (if applicable) to the GIC by the Annual Enrollment deadline.

Employees enrolled in the GIC’s Dental/Vision Plan who voluntarily withdraw from the plan or terminate for non-payment of premium may re-enroll in the plan during the next Annual Enrollment following 24 months from the date coverage ended.

This information provided by the Group Insurance Commission .