Employees may apply for Long Term Disability at Annual Enrollment or anytime during the year.  To apply:

  1. Employee must complete and sign the GIC's Enrollment/Change Form (Form-1).
  2. Sign the GIC's Enrollment/Change Form (Form-1) and review for completeness.
  3. Copy Enrollment/Change Form (Form-1) and file in the employee's personnel file.
  4. Send original Enrollment/Change Form (Form-1) to the GIC.
  5. The GIC will notify the LTD carrier of the application.
  6. The LTD carrier will send the employee a medical application to complete and return.  If the employee does not return the Medical Evidence of Insurability, their file will be closed.
  7. If approved, the GIC will notify the employee and the GIC Coordinator of the effective date and will update the MAGIC system.
  8. If denied, the employee will receive a detailed letter of the reason for denial.

This information provided by the Group Insurance Commission .