If an employee is taking an approved Leave of Absence with pay (including sabbaticals and personal leaves), complete the following before the employee takes the leave:

  1. Complete Employment Status Change Form (Form-1A) on behalf of the employee, checking the Leave of Absence block and indicating the type of leave.  Fill in the start and end date for the leave.
  2. Photocopy Employment Status Change Form (Form-1A) and file in the employee’s personnel file.
  3. Send the original Employment Status Change Form (Form-1A) to the GIC.
  4. Enter the appropriate action/reason on the employee’s job record on the HR/CMS or UMASS payroll system.

Employees may not be placed on payroll for one day during a month to collect GIC deductions. As long as the employee continues to receive a regular weekly salary while on leave with pay, the deduction for GIC coverage will continue.  If the employee’s type of leave changes (for example, FMLA with pay to personal illness without pay), you must notify the GIC of this change.  See the Leave Without Pay Section for instructions.

This information provided by the Group Insurance Commission .