Can An "Open Enrollment" Be Conducted?
"Open Enrollment" refers to a period during which employees, who had previously waived or been denied coverage, are allowed to enroll in the plan without having to supply evidence of insurability. A modified open enrollment for the LTD plan took place during the GIC's spring 2013 annual enrollment and no additional open enrollment periods are planned at this time.

Can An Employee Enroll After He/She Waives Coverage?
Yes, an employee who attempts to enroll for insurance more than 31 days after becoming eligible is considered a late enrollee and must comply with the following Late Enrollment Procedures.

What If The Employee Is Not "Actively At Work" On His/Her Effective Date?
Injury and Sickness
If the employee is not "Actively at Work" because of Injury or Sickness on the date the insurance coverage would have otherwise taken effect, the employee's insurance will become effective on the day the employee returns to Active Work for one full day.

Holidays, Saturday, Sunday
If the day the employee would otherwise be insured occurs on a Saturday, Sunday or holiday, the employee's insurance will become effective on that day if the employee is able to perform their regular schedule on that day and was "Actively at Work" on the last regularly scheduled work day.

Normal vacation is considered active employment. If the day the employee would otherwise be insured occurs while the employee is on a bona fide vacation from work, the employee's insurance will become effective on that day.

Will An Enrolled Employee Receive A Certificate?
Unum will mail certificates of insurance to each enrolled employee to his/her home address. The certificates will describe the benefits, to whom they are payable, the policy limitations and where the policy may be inspected.

When Does An Employee's Coverage End?
An employee's coverage will terminate on the earliest of the following dates:

  1. the date on which the policy is terminated;
  2. the date on which premium is due, but has not been paid;
  3. the date the employee:
    • is no longer a member of a class eligible for this insurance,
    • withdraws from the program,
    • is retired or pensioned, or
    • ceases work because of an unapproved leave of absence, furlough, layoff, or temporary work stoppage due to a labor dispute, however, Unum will extend coverage for a leave of absence approved by the Employer, subject to continued payment of premium, for a period not to exceed 12 months. If premium is inadvertently paid beyond the 12-month extension of coverage or while on an unapproved leave of absence, Unum will make an adjustment to the next required premium payment and the Employer will provide a refund of any overpaid premium to the Employee. Orders to active military service for 2 months or less will be covered subject to continued payment of premium.

Termination will not affect a covered loss that began before the date of termination.

This information provided by the Group Insurance Commission .