Who Pays The Premium?
Those eligible employees who have chosen to enroll in this insurance program are paying all premium cost for this insurance coverage. Employees' contributions to the cost should be collected from them via regular payroll deduction or direct billing.

How Is Monthly Premium Calculated?
Premium is calculated by dividing the total insured base annual earnings by 1,200 and multiplying by the appropriate age-banded rate.

A rate increase that is due to a change in age or in salary should be effective the first day of the second month following the employee's birthday or salary change.

Do not include annual earnings for any individual in excess of $218,182 per year in the premium calculation.

Program rates are stated in 5-year age bands:

Insured Employee's Attained
Age As Of The Latest Of:

1. Policy Effective Date
2. Individual Effective Date
3. Most Recent Birthday

Rate Per $100 of Monthly
earnings Effective
July 1, 2014

Under Age 25




25 - 29


30 - 34


35 - 39


40 - 44


45 - 49


50 - 54


55 - 59


60 - 64


65 - 69


70 or older


Is Premium Payable For Disabled Employees?
Unum will waive premium for an insured employee during the period of disability for which the LTD monthly benefit is payable under the policy. Premium payment is required during the Insured employee's elimination period. During this period, the insured employee's insurance will remain in force. Long Term Disability premium payment should resume when the employee returns to work.

This information provided by the Group Insurance Commission .