When an employee returns to work after a leave of absence, complete the following:
  • Complete Insurance Enrollment and Change Form (Form-1) on behalf of the employee. Check block 5; If the leave was unpaid, indicate the first date back on payroll.
  • Photocopy the form and file it in the employee's personnel file.
  • Send the original Insurance Enrollment and Change Form (Form-1) to the GIC.
  • Enter the appropriate reason on the employee's job records on the HR/CMS system putting the employee back on payroll.
  • The MAGIC interface with HR/CMS will automatically change the employee's payment status from direct bill to payroll deduction.

Note: If an employee is returning from a military leave of absence and wishes to reinstate GIC coverage, attach a copy of the Military Discharge Release. Send this to the GIC with Form-1.

This information provided by the Group Insurance Commission .