Update October 28, 2013


To add a spouse or dependent to health coverage, the insured must have family health coverage.  If the insured does not have family coverage, refer to the procedure for Individual to Family Coverage Change .

If the insured already has family coverage, complete the following procedure:

    1. Employee completes the following forms completely and legibly:
        • Required only for a name change: Employee Municipal Insurance Enrollment and Change (Form-1MUN).  Be sure the insured completes the name change section in addition to the top of the form and signature.
        • Dependent Age 19 to 26 Form (if applicable)
        • Handicapped Dependent Application (if applicable)
    2. Attach copies of marriage and birth certificates.  For newborn coverage, an announcement letter from the hospital can be used if a birth certificate is not yet available.  The birth certificate or hospital notice must show the parent-child relationship to the insured or his/her spouse.
    3. Photocopy all forms and documentation and file in the employee’s personnel file.
    4. Send original forms and the documentation to the GIC.

This information provided by the Group Insurance Commission .