If an employee is changing from family to individual coverage, follow the procedures below.

The employee must complete and sign the following.

For health insurance:

  • GIC Insurance Enrollment and Change Form (Form-1)

The employee must provide proof of where the spouse and/or dependents will be covered for health insurance before the changes will be allowed.  Acceptable proof of other coverage for the spouse and/or dependents includes a copy of other health insurance card or a letter from the spouse’s employer on their letterhead. Without this proof the GIC can deny the request for coverage change.  In the case of death, a copy of the death certificate is required.

For Dental/Vision:

  • Dental and Vision Enrollment and Change Form (Form-1)

For beneficiary change:

  • Beneficiary Designation Form (Form 319) (one to three beneficiaries) or Nomination of Beneficiary Form G-500 (four or more beneficiaries or special designations such as estate and trusts)

For all changes:

  1. Verify that the forms above are completed accurately and completely.  Ensure that both you and the employee have signed and dated all forms.
  2. Update your payroll system with the new premium deductions.
  3. Photocopy completed GIC forms and proof of other health coverage and file them in the employee’s personnel file
  4. Send original signed forms to the GIC along with the proof of other health coverage.

This information provided by the Group Insurance Commission .