The GIC Dental/Vision Program is for employees who are not covered by collective bargaining or do not have another Dental and/or Vision Plan, primarily managers, the Legislature, its staff, and certain Executive Office and MBTA staff.  Employees of authorities, higher education, municipalities, and the Judicial Trial Court system are not eligible for GIC Dental/Vision coverage.

Employees Are Not Eligible If They Are:

    • Subject to collective bargaining
    • Employed by an Authority
    • Employed by Higher Education
    • Employed by a Municipality
    • Employed by the Judicial Trial Court system

Employees Are Eligible If They:

    • Work for the Commonwealth and are eligible for basic life or basic life & health insurance coverage provided by the GIC, and
    • Are not otherwise eligible for dental and/or vision benefits pursuant to a separate appropriation; or
    • Are not eligible for dental and/or vision benefits provided through the provisions of a contract; or
    • Are not eligible for dental/or vision benefits provided through the provisions of a collective bargaining agreement; or
    • Are not eligible for dental and/or vision benefits provided in whole or in part through employer-provided funding.


    Setting Up Your Agency for the Pre-Tax Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA)

    In order to set up your agency for the first time, contact the FSA carrier for instructions.  The FSA carrier has specific payroll file and funding requirements, and will provide instructions for setting up a secure portal for communications.

    The Health Care Spending Account (HCSA) and Dependent Care Assistance Program (DCAP) enrollment is on an annual basis. Open enrollment will take place each year and employees must re-enroll each year. The HCSA, DCAP and program fee deductions are taken from the employee’s pay on a pre-tax basis, reducing their federal and state income taxes. Employees can elect a pre-tax deduction of a minimum to a maximum amount noted on the HCSA/DCAP GIC Flexible Spending Account Plan Enrollment Form on the GIC website. Employees are allowed to enroll in HCSA/DCAP during open enrollment, as a new hire or with a change in status. All updates, including forms, brochures, new policies and minimum/maximum contributions for each plan year are available on the GIC website.

    Eligibility and Effective Dates

    HCSA: Active state employees who work half-time or more and are eligible for health benefits with the GIC are eligible for HCSA. Enrollment in a GIC benefit plan is not required. The coverage effective date is the same as for health benefits.

    DCAP: Active state employees who work half-time or more and have employment-related expenses for a dependent child under the age of 13 and/or a disabled adult dependent are eligible for DCAP. Employees can enroll in DCAP effective as of the date of hire.

This information provided by the Group Insurance Commission .

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