Frequently Asked Questions

Plan ProvisionEffective July 1, 2014
Benefit Percentage55%
Minimum Benefit$100 or 10% of the gross monthly benefit, whichever is greater
Mental Illness LimitationIf an employee is disabled because of a mental disorder of any type, benefits will be payable for a total of 36 months, unless the employee is either (1) confined in a hospital or institution licensed to provide care and treatment for mental illness, or (2) receiving treatment in a psychiatric residential treatment program or in a partial hospital or day treatment program for at least 5 hours per day and at least 4 days per week.
Substance Abuse LimitationIf an employee is disabled because of substance abuse, benefits will be payable for a maximum of 24 months. To be eligible for benefits the employee must participate in a substance abuse treatment program approved by the state.
Catastrophic Disability BenefitThe Disability Plus Rider is 10% of Monthly earnings to a maximum benefit of $5,000. The benefit is payable if the eligible employee is unable to perform at least 2 of the 6 Activities of Daily Living.


This information provided by the Group Insurance Commission .