• WellMASS Wellness Champion Description

    Find out what makes a great Wellness Champion.

  • WellMASS Documents

    Find out how to download documents related to WellMASS including program communications and wellness challenges.

  • Webinars

    Participate in free webinars held the second Tuesday of each month for tips and information on improving your health.

  • Eat for the Health of It

    A six-week challenge designed to assist participants in learning more about nutrition and developing skills that will aid them in making healthy food choices with a goal to feel better about the foods they eat.

  • Lunch 'N Learn Programs

    All state employees are eligible to participate in the WellMASS Lunch 'N Learn programs.  Here you will find the schedule.

  • Commonwealth Policies for WellMASS Program

    Human Resource Division directive on the GIC's WellMASS pilot program.

  • Wellness Program Overview and Eligibility

    This program provides helpful tools to improve participant’s health and wellbeing including a Health Questionnaire, Online Resources and Health Coaching for eligible participants.

  • Wellness BLOG

    Find out the latest information on the WellMASS program and tips to stay healthy.