How You Can Help
The Wellness Champions are the heart of the WellMASS Pilot Wellness Program.  Our Champions are responsible for leading and promoting the WellMASS pilot program at the agency level.  Through your support, employees and early retirees can be empowered to improve their lives.

What Will Make You Successful

  • A strong commitment to help WellMASS succeed
  • A sense of fun and plenty of enthusiasm
  • The sincere desire to help fellow employees and early retirees enhance their quality of life

Participation Means:

  • Learning about the health management programs under the WellMASS umbrella
  • Dedicating 1-2 hours each week to the Wellness Champion role
  • Getting communications to employees at your location regarding wellness program offerings
  • Participating in onsite wellness programs and promoting employee participation
  • Asking your management for support
  • Sharing feedback with StayWell regarding what’s working and what’s not with the program offerings at your location

A Wellness Champion Will Also:

  • Attend a monthly conference call with other WellMASS Wellness Champions
  • Follow the monthly health observances calendar and identify resources to host topical webinars and other suggested events at your location
  • Help secure meeting space for events at your location
  • Track and provide program participation numbers to the StayWell Program Manager as requested
  • Help us to achieve program goals
  • 30% Health Assessment participation, 30-40% of eligible participants in NextSteps® programs and 50% onsite program participation at your worksite

Rewards for Your Hard-Work and Dedication!
Wellness Champions deserve some high fives (and rewards)!  

There will be opportunities throughout the year to earn points and rewards.

We need your help! If you would like to volunteer to be a Wellness Champion, contact Ashley Rasmussen Or at (617) 727-2310 x7085

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This information provided by the Group Insurance Commission .