GIC Retiree Vision Discount Plan

Davis Vision is the carrier for the Retiree Vision Discount Plan.  The plan is available at any of the almost 45,000 nationwide Davis Vision providers.  The plan offers significant discounts on:

  • Eye examinations
  • Frames
  • Spectacles
  • Contact lenses

All eyeglasses purchased through the Retiree Vision Discount Plan are covered by a two-year unconditional warranty against breakage at no additional cost.  There is no monthly premium or fee to use the program; you pay for the services at the discounted price when they are needed.  However, you must call Davis Vision before visiting the provider’s office in order to participate.


To be eligible for this program, you, as the insured, must have GIC coverage.  Your family members are only eligible if they are covered under your GIC health plan.

GIC Retiree Vision Plan Questions?

Contact Davis Vision  (client code 7621) 1-800-224-1157 Contact Davis Vision for a list of participating providers and other benefit details.

Questions and Answers For GIC Retiree Vision Discount Program

Q) What does the plan cover?
A) The plan provides discounts on:
Eye examinations: including dilation, as professionally indicated.

  • Frames: over 200 plan frames to choose from, or receive a credit towards non-plan frames.
  • Spectacle Lenses: Includes all eyeglass prescriptions; glass or plastic; single vision, bifocal or trifocal lenses; standard and oversized lenses; clear or tinted lenses - all at great savings to you.
  • Contact Lenses: The latest disposable and frequent replacement contact lenses are available at terrific savings.

Q) Who is eligible for the GIC Retiree Vision Discount Plan?
A) All state retirees, Elderly Governmental Retirees (EGRs), survivors and GIC Retired Municipal Teachers (RMTs who do not participate in the municipal health-only program) are eligible for the GIC Retiree Vision Plan. Dependents of eligible retirees are eligible for the program if they are covered under the retiree's GIC health plan. Retirees and survivors from municipalities that are participating in the health-only program are not eligible for this program. If you are recently retired, please be sure that the GIC has been notified before you call Davis Vision.

Q) How do I receive services?
A) To purchase services, call Davis Vision at 1-800-224-1157 and speak to a Member Service Representative. Please allow sufficient time for payment to be processed.

Q) Who do I call to answer my questions?
A) Please call Davis Vision at 1-800-224-1157 with any questions or to purchase services. Member Service Representatives are available M-F 8 am-11pm E.S.T, Saturday: 9am-4pm E.S.T and Sunday: 12 pm-4pm. TDD/TTY (teletypewriter) services are available by calling 1-800-523-2847.

Q) How do I pay for services?
A) All charges are the responsibility of the retiree and must be made in advance, through Davis Vision, using the payment option of your choice. You may pay by credit card, a money order or personal check.

Q) Are my eyeglasses covered by a warranty?
A) All eyeglasses supplied completely through the Davis Vision laboratory are covered by a two-year unconditional warranty against breakage, under normal wearing conditions, at no additional cost. Do not throw out broken glasses. Bring them back to the Davis Vision provider to be fixed or replaced.

Q) Is there a limit on the eyewear I can purchase?
A) There is no limit on the number of examinations or eyewear you may purchase.

Q) I already have an eyewear prescription, can I fill my prescription at a Davis Vision provider without getting an eye exam? 
A) Yes.

Q) Can I use a non-participating Davis Vision provider and get a discount on eyewear and eye exams?
A) No.  You must use participating Davis Vision providers to get discounts on eyewear and eye exams. 

This information provided by the Group Insurance Commission .