Plan Overview

Harvard Pilgrim Medicare Enhance is a supplemental Medicare plan, offering coverage for services provided by any licensed doctor or hospital throughout the United States that accepts Medicare payment.

Plan Contact Information

Contact the plan for additional information

Harvard Pilgrim Medicare Enhance 1.800.542.1499

Copays Effective July 1, 2014  

Physician Office Visit 
$10 per visit

Preventive Services

Covered at 100% - no copay

Retail Clinic

$10 per visit

Outpatient Mental Health and Substance Abuse Care

$10 per visit

Inpatient Hospital Care

Covered at 100% - no copay

Inpatient and Outpatient Surgery
Covered at 100% - no copay

Emergency Room
$50 per visit (waived if admitted)

Prescription Drug

Retail up to 30-day supply:                   Mail Order up to 90 day supply:
Tier 1:   $10                                         Tier 1:   $20
Tier 2:   $25                                         Tier 2:   $50
Tier 3:   $50                                         Tier 3:   $110

Who is Eligible?

Retirees, GIC Retired Municipal Teachers (RMTs), Elderly Governmental Retirees (EGRs), Survivors, and their eligible dependents with Medicare Part A and Part B are eligible.

Where You Live Determines Which Plan You May Enroll In:

The Harvard Pilgrim Medicare Enhance Plan is available throughout the United States.

Harvard Medicare Enhance Handbook FY14 doc format of    harvardmedicareenhancehandbookfy14.doc  file size 1MB pdf format of harvardmedicareenhancehandbookfy14.pdf

Harvard Medicare Enhance Prescription Drug Brochure FY14 doc format of    harvardmedicareenhancerxfy14.doc  pdf format of harvardmedicareenhancerxfy14.pdf

Harvard Medicare Enhance Schedule of Benefits FY14 doc format of    harvardmedicareenhancesobfy14.doc  pdf format of harvardmedicareenhancesobfy14.pdf





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