Mental Health and Substance Abuse Benefits for All UniCare State Indemnity Plans, (Basic, Community Choice, Medicare Extension and PLUS), and Tufts Health Plan Navigator and Spirit


For Behavioral Health/Substance Use Disorder benefits for other GIC health plans, contact the individual health plan.

Behavioral Health and Substance Use Disorder Benefits for the UniCare State Indemnity Plan (Basic, Community Choice, Medicare Extension (OME) and PLUS), and Tufts Health Plan  Navigator and Spirit are provided by Beacon Health Options. Beacon offers a full range of confidential, professional behavioral health and substance use disorder services. Beacon clinical staff can help you find a conveniently located network provider and will work with you to make sure you receive the help you need, when you need it. The attached charts provide an overview of behavioral health and substance use disorder benefits.

At-a-glance overview of your behavioral health/substance use disorder benefits:

Tufts Health Plan Navigator docx format of Beacon_Tufts_NavigatorFY18.docx
effective 7/1/17

Tufts Health Plan Spirit docx format of Beacon_Tufts_SpiritFY18.docx
effective 7/1/17

UniCare Indemnity Plan/Basic - employees and retirees/survivors docx format of Beacon_UniCare_BasicFY18.docx
effective 7/1/17

UniCare Indemnity Plan/Basic - RMTs (GIC Retired Municipal Teachers) and EGRs (Elderly Governmental Retirees) docx format of Beacon_UniCare_BasicRMTEGRFY18.docx
effective 7/1/17

UniCare Indemnity Plan/Community Choice docx format of Beacon_UniCare_CommChoiceFY18.docx
effective 7/1/17

UniCare Indemnity Plan/Medicare Extension docx format of Beacon_UniCare_OMEFY18.docx
(OME) effective 7/1/17

UniCare Indemnity Plan/PLUS docx format of Beacon_UniCare_PLUSFY18.docx
effective 7/1/17

Enrollee Assistance Program (EAP) benefits

Beacon offers Enrollee Assistance Program (EAP) benefits to its covered members.  These include counseling benefits for concerns including:

  • Personal and emotional
  • Marital and relationship
  • Family
  • Workplace
  • Financial
  • Legal
  • Stress management

Online videos and articles provide a wealth of resources to help you navigate life’s ups and downs.  Additionally, you have legal benefits including a 30-minute consultation with a local, independent attorney per legal issue with discounted rates beyond the initial consultation.  There are also financial counseling benefits to help you with credit repair, debt management and consolidation and budgeting.

For additional information about your mental health and substance abuse benefits, including transition and EAP benefits, contact Beacon any time of day, seven days a week.

EAP Benefits Brochure  pdf format of EAP_benefits_brochureFY14.pdf
Description of EAP Benefits.

EAP Benefits FAQs  pdf format of EAP_benefitsFAQFY14.pdf
Answers to questions about your EAP Benefits.

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