The GIC’s Long Term Disability (LTD) program is insured by Unum.  LTD is an income replacement program that protects you and your family in the event you become disabled and are unable to perform the material and substantial duties of your job.   

If you become suddenly ill, are in an accident, or have a sports injury and are unable to work, it is easy to fall behind on your rent or mortgage, car payment and other expenses.  With 33% of workers disabled for at least six months during their working career (Source: Charles River Associates 2011), being out of work due to a disability is a very real possibility.  That’s why a salary replacement plan is an important benefit for you and your family.

If you are unable to work for 90 consecutive days due to illness or injury, this program will provide participants with income replacement.  Benefits include:

• A tax-free benefit of 55% of a participant’s gross monthly salary, up to a maximum benefit of $10,000 per month, up to the age of 65.  If disabled on or after age 62; benefits may continue after age 65;
• A benefit for partial disabilities;
• A 36-month benefit for mental health disabilities that occur on or after July 1, 2014; 24-month benefit for mental health disabilities before July 1, 2014;
• A rehabilitation and return-to-work assistance benefit; and
• A dependent care expense benefit.

Benefits are reduced by other income sources, such as Social Security disability, Workers’ Compensation, and accumulated sick leave and retirement benefits.  You must notify the plan if you begin receiving other benefits.  The minimum benefit will be $100 or 10% of your gross monthly benefit amount, whichever is greater.


All active state employees who are eligible for GIC health benefits are eligible for LTD.  Employees must  work at least 18.75 hours in a 37.5-hour work week or 20 hours in a 40-hour work week 

New State Employees

As a new state employee within 31 days of hire, or during any established enrollment period for MBTA employees joining the GIC, eligible employees may enroll in LTD without providing evidence of good health.

Current State Employees

All eligible employees can apply for LTD coverage during Annual Enrollment, or at any time during the year.  You must provide evidence of good health to participate in the plan.

Long Term Disability (LTD) Questions?

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Download the Long Term Disability Brochure pdf format of LTDbrochureFY14.pdf
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Download the Summary Plan Description  doc format of Summary Plan Description
; Summary Plan Description  pdf format of Summary Plan Description
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Long Term Disability Rates

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