The WellMASS Pilot Program is for active state employees working in the Executive Branch, Constitutional Offices, and the Legislature, and for state retirees ages 55-64 and their GIC-covered spouses.  To be eligible, you must be enrolled in a GIC health plan.

If you are a state employee of one of the eligible agencies, but receive GIC health benefits through your spouse, you are also eligible for the program.  However, you must notify the GIC in order to be enrolled.  Send an email with your name, agency and home address.  Please allow up to four weeks for the registration to take effect.

Employees of authorities, municipalities, higher education, and the Judicial Trial Court system, and municipal retirees, Retired Municipal Teachers (RMTs), Elderly Governmental Retirees (EGRs), and Survivors are not currently eligible for this pilot program.  

This information provided by the Group Insurance Commission.