WellMASS webinars take place on the second Tuesday of each month.  To participate, call (866) 740-1260 and log on to the WellMASS webinar site and enter access code 7243537.

Date: Tuesday, March 14
Topic: Seasonal Allergies
Times: 10-10:30 AM and 1-1:30 PM
This webinar will discuss how to prevent allergy attacks, try natural remedies to alleviate uncomfortable allergy symptoms, and how to evaluate over the counter options.


Download the March 14 Seasonal Allergies Webinar doc format of WellMASS_Seasonal_Allergies_Webinar_3.14.17.doc


Recorded Webinar – Understanding Your Credit Score

Listen to the February 14 webinar about understanding your credit report and credit score.  This webinar discussed what goes into determining your credit score, how to check your credit score, tips to increase your credit score, and how to avoid credit repair scams.

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