WellMASS webinars take place on the second Tuesday of each month.  To participate, call (866) 740-1260 and log on to the WellMASS webinar site and enter access code 7243537.

Tuesday, December 8
Topic: Portion Control
Times: 10-10:30 AM and 1-1:30 PM
This webinar will help you become more aware of serving sizes and give you strategies to combat “portion distortion.”  You will learn how to compare serving sizes to easily recognizable measurements, optical illusions that contribute to overconsumption, and reading food labels carefully.

Download the Portion Control Webinar flier doc format of WellMASS_portioncontrol_webinar12815.doc

Recorded webinar:  Diabetes Prevention and Management

Listen to the November 10, 2015 Diabetes Prevention and Management webinar to find out risk factors for developing diabetes, understanding what diabetes is and how to prevent it, and strategies to stabilize your blood sugar.

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