From the GIC Winter 2004 Newsletter pdf format of fybwinter2004.pdf

Taking care of your eyeglasses will keep them looking new and you seeing your best. Follow these five easy steps for longer lasting eyeglasses:

  1. Always remove your eyeglasses with both hands. Using one hand will result in splayed frame arms.
  2. Rinse off your glasses with lens cleaner or water. Don't use household cleaners, such as Windex or ammonia. These can damage the coatings of the lenses. Every other week clean off the frames with soap and water to help ensure that the acidity of your skin does not wear down the frame. Only use mild detergents without a moisturizer and rinse well.
  3. Wipe off the glasses with a lens cleaning cloth or cotton cloth only. Do not use worn clothing, which can have imbedded dirt. Tissues are not recommended either, as they are made from wood derivatives and could scratch the lenses.
  4. Never lay your glasses face down. Keeping the lens surface face up helps to prevent lens scratches.
  5. When not wearing your eyeglasses, store them in a proper fitting case. A hard case gives the best protection. This will keep dust off them and prevent them from being inadvertently crushed or damaged if something falls or drops on them.

This information provided by the Group Insurance Commission .