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The GIC's WellMASS weight loss pilot program, held at Boston's McCormack Building was a popular program that produced results. Held in the fall, winter and spring, total weight loss across all 86 participants who stayed through the duration of the program was 854 pounds. Participants lost between 1.93 and 13.8 percent of their total body weight.

The program included weekly weigh-ins, speakers who provided tips on diet, nutrition, fitness, weight loss strategies and motivation techniques. During the first part of the program, financial incentives ranged from $50 to $100 for the biggest weight loss. These incentives increased to $75 to $150 for the winter/spring session. In addition to the Commission's support, the GIC received program support from our health plans and the Boston Sports Club. Program participants expressed both enthusiasm and appreciation for the program. Thanks to the success of this program, the GIC is now evaluating options to offer wellness programs to a broader group of members.

This information provided by the Group Insurance Commission .