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  • Looking to Lose Some Flab for Beach Season?

    A coach can help with these efforts.

  • Gym Membership Reimbursements

    The GIC’s health plans offer the gym membership reimbursements outlined on this page.  Contact your health plan for the reimbursement form.

  • Wellness Programs for all GIC Health Plan Members

    All GIC Health Plan Members have access to wellness programs through their health plan. Here is a listing of programs for each GIC health plan.

  • Wellness Program

    Active state employees working in the Executive Branch, Constitutional Offices, and the Legislature have an opportunity to improve their health with the GIC’s pilot WellMASS program.  To be eligible, you must be enrolled in a GIC health plan.

  • Six Strategies to Lose Weight

    Many of us would like to lose a few pounds.  For many people, it’s so easy to put weight on, but it’s a lot harder to take it off.  Here are six strategies for losing weight.

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