Many of us would like to lose a few pounds.  For many people, it’s so easy to put weight on, but it’s a lot harder to take it off.  The Mayo Clinic  recommends six strategies for successfully losing weight:

  1. Make the commitment:  It takes time and effort to lose weight.  Be sure you’re ready to make permanent changes to stay focused and adjust your lifestyle.
  2. Find motivation: Determine what you need to stay motivated and focused and consider finding people or a supportive group to help.  If you want to do it on your own, keeping a journal of diet and exercise progress is helpful.
  3. Set realistic goals:  Target a weight loss of one or two pounds per week, which is the equivalent of burning 500 to 1,000 calories more than you consume through a lower calorie diet and exercise.
  4. Enjoy healthier food:  Eat more fruits, vegetable and whole grains and don’t skimp on breakfast.
  5. Get active and stay active:  Be sure regular exercise is part of your schedule and add activity to your everyday routines.  Use the stairs instead of the elevator and park far away from a store instead of up close.
  6. Change your perspective:  Recognize habits that cause you to eat unhealthily and start adjusting these habits to make positive changes.


This information provided by the Group Insurance Commission.