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  • The Heroin Epidemic: How to Access Help

    Guest editorial by Paul Mendis, M.D., Neighborhood Health Plan Chief Medical Officer outlining the epidemic, efficacy of Medication Assisted Treatment, tips for parents and resources for assistance.

  • Reduce Stress with Meditation

    This guest editorial by Susan Cooper, L.I.C.S.W., GIC EAP Response Specialist describes the benefits of meditation and gives some “how to” tips for doing so.

  • Separation or Divorce? In Debt? Other Stress?

    If you are a member of Tufts Navigator, Tufts Spirit, or any of the UniCare State Indemnity Plans, you have access to free Enrollee Assistance Program (EAP) benefits.  This page provides additional information about those benefits.
  • Know Your Options for Addiction Treatment

    Emma Stanton, M.D., Associate Chief Medical Officer for Beacon Health Options, provides an overview of addiction treatment options and encourages patients to consider community services and medication-assisted treatment.

  • Signs of Drug Abuse and Resources Available to Help

    Information on opioids, potential signs of drug abuse, and resources available to help.
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