Holiday Stress Often Conflicts with Seasonal Joy

From the GIC Fall 2000 Newsletter pdf format of fybfall2000.pdf

Fighting crowds. Money worries. Social obligations. Family gatherings. Memories. Baking. Cleaning. Sending cards. Yes, the holiday season is coming soon. And with it, a level of stress not experienced anytime else in the year.

Prepare in advance to reduce your stress and enjoy the season. Start shopping early. Utilize catalog and Internet shopping convenience. Don't overspend: keep to a budget. Delegate responsibilities and activities so that you do not take on more than you can do. Stay focused on keeping a positive attitude. View all tasks you take on as a choice. Eliminate or avoid traditions you dislike. Don't get into meaningless arguments; ignore rather than continue negative conversations. Attend parties on your own terms. Schedule time with family and loved ones during which you can share the real meaning of the holidays.

For assistance will holiday stress, individuals with the UniCare State Tufts Navigator or Tufts Spirit plans can access personal short-term help through Beacon Health Strategies at 1-855-750-8980.

This information provided by the Group Insurance Commission .