If You're Stressed Out Now Is the Time to Take Charge

From the GIC Fall 2002 Newsletter pdf format of fybfall2002.pdf

Many state employees are feeling tremendous stress right now. Budget as well as layoff concerns often mean employees are struggling with decreased staff and increased workloads. This can lead to balancing work and life issues, job security and financial concerns. Sue Cooper, the GIC's EAP Coordinator for agency supervisors and managers, recommends the following tips for taking charge of your life:

  • Communicate regularly with your boss. Talk with your manager about what change will mean for you. Explore training opportunities to help meet new job demands and learn new systems.
  • Prioritize your needs and wants. Pay off your debts before adding to them and defer large purchases. Use your health plan EAP benefits for debt counseling.
  • Take care of yourself. Keep doctors appointments. Stay on top of preventive health exams. Schedule enough time to sleep. Eat right and exercise.
  • Think ahead to holiday purchases and travel plans. Explore alternative gift giving such as gift grabs or donating to charity in lieu of individual gifts. Delegate holiday responsibilities, such as planning a pot-luck dinner instead of assuming the entire dinner burden.
  • Prepare for the unexpected. Keep your resume updated and continue to network.
  • Set limits on commitments. Don't procrastinate about finishing tasks.
  • Maintain friendships. Steer clear of people who continually engage in negative conversation. Spend time with people whom you like and can help you relax and keep workplace issues in perspective.

For stress management assistance, contact your Plan. UniCare State Indemnity and Navigator/Spirit by Tufts Health Plan members contact Beacon Health Strategies. Managers and supervisors can access stress assistance for their employees by calling .

This information provided by the Group Insurance Commission .