From the Summer 2012 Issue of Newsletter

If you or a loved one is planning a hospital admission, find out the hospital’s patient safety rating.  The Leapfrog Group, a coalition of large employers including the GIC, is committed to reducing medical mistakes in hospitals and provides hospital patient safety information to help accomplish this.  Consumers can search hospitals by city and state and for overall patient safety ratings or the safety of selected procedures, such as heart surgery and high-risk deliveries. 

The Leapfrog Group was formed in 1999 in response to the Institute of Medicine report that found that up to 98,000 Americans die every year from preventable medical errors made in hospitals. In fact, there are more deaths in hospitals each year from preventable medical mistakes than there are from vehicle accidents, breast cancer, and AIDS. We encourage you to become an informed patient by researching your hospital options.  The Leapfrog’s hospital patient safety ratings include:

  • Preventing medication errors
  • Having appropriate Intensive Care Unit (ICU) staffing levels
  • Taking steps to avoid harm
  • Reducing pressure ulcers
  • Reducing in-hospital injuries
  • Managing serious errors
  • Reducing Intensive Care Unit infections

For additional details and to find out patient safety information for your hospital, go to The Leapfrog Group and their Hospital Safety Rating Website.

This information provided by the Group Insurance Commission.