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  • Introduction and Scope Answers

    The entities that may join, the specifics of coverage under particular sections of Chapter 32B, who is covered, the coverage offered, health premium contributions and Medicare information.

  • The Process of Joining

    General procedure for transferring subscribers, Section 19 Agreements, Section 23 Agreements and Panel Process, Notice of Intent, and Withdrawal information.

  • On-going Administration of Benefits

    Allocation of responsibilities, fiscal, data exchange, operations, Commission representation and additional resource information.

  • Retired Municipal Teacher (RMT) and Elderly Governmental Retiree (EGR) Programs

    This section pertains to the GIC’s Retired Municipal Teacher (RMT) and Elderly Governmental Retiree (EGR) programs.  Not all municipalities participate in these programs, but for those that do, the GIC already administers health, life (RMT only), and dental benefits for certain retirees and survivors.  If and when Municipal Employers with RMT s and EGRs transfer to GIC, some special provisions apply.

  • Renewals and Withdrawals

    Timeframe for renewing and withdrawing from the GIC and the procedures.  

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