Revised on May 10, 2012

Are Municipal Employers required to re-enroll for GIC coverage each year?

No. Municipal Employers who join GIC coverage must remain in GIC coverage for a minimum of three years and may withdraw from GIC coverage at three or six year intervals. For the procedure to withdraw, see the Withdrawal section.

Are there administrative tasks that the Municipal Employer must continue to provide once its subscribers transfer to GIC coverage?

Yes. The Municipal Employer must collect and provide to the GIC all information necessary to maintain subscribers and covered dependents’ coverage. The Municipal Employer will perform administrative functions and process information as necessary to maintain the coverage, including family and personnel status changes, enrollment activities, reporting enrollee changes monthly to the GIC and otherwise communicating with subscribers and the GIC as necessary. The GIC will provide detailed information to Municipal Employers about implementation when they submit their notice of intent to the GIC.

What is the effective date of GIC coverage for new hires?

Eligible new hires who make timely application to join GIC coverage will be insured on the first day of the month following the earlier of 60 calendar days or two calendar months, whichever is less. The reason for the waiting period has to do with the complexities of collecting and distributing the necessary documents across a number of plans, agencies and other vendors and enable sufficient payroll and pension deductions for the enrollees’ share of premium in advance of coverage.

Municipal Employers are required to deduct the employee’s share of the health insurance premium one month in advance of the effective date of coverage or the monthly premium due date. This means that for coverage effective July 1, the employee portion of the premium must be deducted in June for July premium.

Is the waiting period for new hires ever waived?

No.  However, employees without other insurance may buy back, at full cost premium, coverage beginning on the first date of employment if unplanned and urgent medical expenses occur during the waiting period, and other requirements are met.  For more information, see 805 CMR § 9.01 (4) .

What is the termination date of GIC coverage for employees who leave municipal service?

If a municipal employee terminates employment with the municipality, coverage will end the last day of the month following the month the employee leaves municipal service.

This information provided by the Group Insurance Commission.