Revised on May 10, 2012

Our retired teachers are currently in the GIC’s Retired Municipal Teachers (RMTs) program and some of our retirees and their survivors have GIC Elderly Governmental Retiree (EGRs) coverage. Can they stay in GIC health coverage when we join?

Yes, however, RMTs and EGRs will no longer be in the GIC’s RMT or EGR programs. Instead, they will transfer to the same pool as other members of the community, as well as state employees/retirees, and will have the same health plan choices as other GIC subscribers in the pool. There will be no lapse in their GIC health coverage provided they sign up during the designated enrollment period and submit the required forms. 

May RMTs keep their GIC life insurance benefit when they transfer to the same pool as their former Municipal Employers’ subscribers?

No.  Municipal Employers must make available basic life insurance to former RMTs transferring to municipal coverage. 

What about EGRs and life insurance?

EGRs are not eligible for GIC life insurance, so they do not lose access to GIC life insurance if their Municipal Employer transfers its subscribers to the GIC.

May RMTs and EGRs keep their GIC retiree dental coverage if their municipal employer transfers subscribers to the GIC?

No.  Municipal Employers will be responsible for offering to former RMTs and EGRs the non-health benefits that they currently offer to their other retiree subscribers.  

How can a Municipal Employer obtain the contact information for its RMTs and EGRs?

Send an email to Paul Murphy  at the GIC with your request and the name of your municipality. Allow turnaround time of up to four days. Our staff will send the information by secure email to the Municipal Employer’s contact person.


This information provided by the Group Insurance Commission.