Town of Saugus Joins the GIC

From the winter 2008 issue of

Town of Saugus employees, retirees and their dependents, pursuant to a legislative amendment to Chapter 67, joined the GIC for health coverage effective January 1, 2008. With little lead time, GIC and town staff threw themselves into ensuring a smooth transition. New communication materials, enrollment forms, and required documentation information were developed and mailed. A nine-hour registration was held on a Saturday at a local elementary school to answer questions and enroll employees and retirees (photos from the event inside this newsletter):

  • GIC health plans staffed tables to answer health plan-specific questions
  • The GIC held informational sessions throughout the day to give an overview of options.
  • GIC and Saugus staff assisted people in line to be sure that they had all of their documents, their questions were answered, and photocopies were made before entering the enrollment area.
  • Saugus staff color-coded applications to quickly designate which applications were for employees, retirees or GIC Retired Teachers converting to municipal coverage.
  • Six enrollment stations were staffed by GIC employees.
  • Saugus staff batched and photocopied forms and documents so that enrollments could be entered into the GIC's eligibility system and the town's payroll and pension systems in a timely manner.

"Everyone pitched in to make this a success," said Dolores L. Mitchell, the GIC's Executive Director. Nearly 900 Saugus enrollees joined the GIC, including over 200 GIC Retired Municipal Teachers who changed to the municipal program and are now eligible for all GIC health plans. "Getting accurate eligibility files and collecting all of the necessary documentation is particularly time consuming and new municipalities joining July 1 will have the benefit of additional time to accomplish their transitions," said Ms. Mitchell. "We can't say enough about how helpful the Town of Saugus staff was to make this transition possible," she said.

This information provided by the Group Insurance Commission .