Boston Globe Editorial
Healthy Cooperation
July 25, 2005

The Boston Globe's editorial board recognized the GIC's efforts to provide quality health insurance and other benefits at a reasonable cost to more than 250,000 state workers, dependents and retirees. The GIC was cited as a model for municipal governments in its work to provide excellent, affordable health coverage.

The editorial stated, "Municipal managers and union leaders need look no further than state government, where workers enjoy excellent, affordable health coverage. The annual increase in the cost of providing health coverage to state workers is about half that for municipal workers…The Commission can be counted on to press private health plans for the best service for state workers. It takes measures, such as adjusting workers' co-payments, to protect taxpayers. The Commission could be a model for local communities."

For a complete copy of the editorial, see The Boston Globe's website.

This information provided by the Group Insurance Commission .