Boston Municipal Research Bureau Report Concludes
Soaring Health Insurance Costs Threaten Boston's Competitive Edge
November 30, 2006

The Boston Municipal Research Bureau released a report today which describes how Boston and other cities and towns are facing a crisis of unsustainable cost increases for employee health insurance. The Research Bureau recommends, as a first step, that cities and towns be able to join the Group Insurance Commission to provide more control over plan design and costs.

Both the Boston Globe and The Boston Herald endorsed this position in today's editorial pages. The Boston Globe states in part that, "The cost of healthcare is the tapeworm of municipal finance, and it needs immediate attention. Luckily, the best fix is also the most obvious. By placing municipal employees under the same Group Insurance Commission that manages employee and retiree health benefits for state workers, good healthcare could be offered for substantially less cost." The editorial notes the GIC's work to improve health care cost and quality through the Clinical Performance Improvement Initiative, which charges lower co-payments to state employees and retirees who choose doctors that provide cost-effective care. For the complete text of this editorial, contact The Boston Globe.

The Boston Herald stated in its editorial that the Boston Municipal Research Bureau report provides evidence that the state, through its Group Insurance Commission (GIC), is doing something right. For the complete text of this article, contact The Boston Herald.

This information provided by the Group Insurance Commission .