GIC Welcomes City of Springfield Employees and Retirees

From winter 2007 issue of

Welcome, City of Springfield employees, retirees, and your family members to the GIC! The GIC adopted emergency regulations in September that allowed eligible members of the City of Springfield, which has been operating under a fiscal crisis, to purchase health benefits through the GIC effective January 1, 2007. Springfield, the state's third largest city, is the first municipality ever to join the GIC program. This change is expected to yield savings for the city, and to provide employees and retirees with more comprehensive benefits and choices.

GIC staff, City of Springfield benefits staff, and GIC health plans worked long and hard to make the transition as smooth as possible under very tight deadlines. Despite crowds and long lines, members were enrolled in October and November and the process was an overall success:

  • Over 8,000 enrollees and their family members were enrolled in the GIC.
  • Over 10,000 marriage certificates, birth certificates, Medicare cards, and other required documents to add a spouse, dependent children, and Medicare coverage were collected.
  • Four well-attended health fairs were held and over 1,400 members enrolled via a computerized enrollment system at the GIC tables. Additionally, the city held informational sessions for retirees.
  • A new computer eligibility system was designed, which was subsequently rolled into the GIC's larger MAGIC system.
  • Customized enrollment forms, Benefit Decision Guides and other communications were developed.
  • Health plans sent these members new identification cards and health plan handbooks.

Thank you GIC and Springfield benefits staff, health plans, and new members for making this transition a success!

This information provided by the Group Insurance Commission .