From the Fall 2011 issue of .

This fall, the GIC welcomed five new municipalities.  The cities of Medford and Somerville and the towns of Arlington, Lynnfield and Wakefield all joined after this year’s budget gave municipalities expedited entry options into the GIC during this fiscal year.

The GIC’s Assistant Director of Operations, Donna Wortman, collected enrollment forms and documentation at the health fair held at the City of Medford High School.

Laurie Riley, Benefits Manager for the Town of Wakefield (left), answers a Wakefield retiree’s questions at the regional GIC health fair. Steve Maio, the Town Administrator, stands in the background.

Caryn Malloy (right), Director of Personnel for the Town of Arlington, helps an Arlington retiree with his enrollment forms.

Sarah Kloos, Director of Personnel for the City of Somerville, waited to help Somerville members at the regional GIC health fair.

This information provided by the Group Insurance Commission.