New MyGIC Gives You Online Access Anytime

Every year the GIC mails members their personalized benefit statements so they can verify that their GIC records are up to date. This year’s benefit statement were mailed the last week of January.  When you receive your statement, check the following and notify your GIC Coordinator (active employees) or the GIC office (retirees and survivors) of any changes:

  • Spelling of your name and covered dependents;
  • Dates of birth;
  • Status of your spouse and covered dependents;
  • Life insurance beneficiary (state employees and state retirees only); and
  • Home address

Important Reminders for Your GIC Benefit Statement

  • Are you legally separated or divorced?  Be sure your former spouse is listed as “F” (former spouse” and not “S” (spouse).  If your former spouse is listed as a spouse, you must report the divorce using the included change form.  If you are covering a former spouse and you or your former spouse remarries and you fail to report the remarriage, your health plan and the GIC have the right to seek recovery of health claims paid or premiums owed for your former spouse, which can be extremely costly to you.
  • Are you a survivor of a covered state or municipal employee or retiree?  If you remarry, you must notify the GIC of your remarriage.  GIC health insurance coverage ends upon remarriage.

! New MyGIC Self Service Center Website

Over the next several months, the GIC is mailing to all state and municipal employees instructions and a PIN number to register for online access to view and print your GIC benefit statement anytime you choose.  This new resource gives you access to all of the features of the annual benefit statements, including life insurance beneficiaries (for state employees) on an up-to-date basis.  Additional enhancements, such as online change capabilities and expansion to retirees and survivors, will be rolled out in future phases. 

Be sure to take advantage of the great features of this new online site and save your MyGIC PIN mailing with your important papers for future MyGIC site visits.

State Board of Retirement (SRB) Beneficiary Details for State Employees

Active state employees who participate in the State Board of Retirement’s retiree benefits will receive SRB beneficiary details on the back of their GIC benefit statement.  Should you die while in active state service and before retirement, your SRB beneficiary is the person or persons, who will receive certain pension benefits and payments of unused vacation or sick time owed.  Your SRB beneficiary can be a different person from your GIC beneficiary for life insurance benefits – be sure both are correct as the two agencies maintain separate beneficiary records.  The SRB’s beneficiary form and return envelope will be enclosed in the mailing to help you easily correct your SRB beneficiary if necessary.

This information provided by the Group Insurance Commission.